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Unity Among Diversity”, A Teacher Responded Saying That Our Students Come Across All Lingual..

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

On the ninth day of the field visit interns visited only one school that was Shivalik Public School. It was very worse day for the interns. In that school interns got a welcoming behaviour from the school authority. As the principal of the school did not present in the school the interns did not get a positive response for acceptance of the programme. In that day interns faced many problems to finding the school of the locality. It is due to the traffic of the Delhi which made the day unsuccessful for the interns. From this experience interns had learned that it is the time which made our work successful. So, we should always try to do our work in the proper time that helps us to achieve our definite goal. On the tenth day of the field visit that is 24 January 2017, the interns visited seven schools of the locality from where almost every school got busy with preparing different programmes for Republic Day. On the first school of the day that was Little Angel Public School where the interns got rejected from the school authority. Next school where the interns visited was Jainson Public School. In that school principal had rejected the programmes of Kanyaka Foundation as they have classes up to 3rd standard. Although interns tried to convince the principal but he already made his decisions against the programme and tried to give many excuses for that. On the third school of the day was Jain BalVidyalaya where the interns got a welcoming behaviour from the principal. Here, the interns found a very young lady around 26 years who had beautifully governs the school. Although principle had rejected the programmes but she cooperates the interns in every activities. In that school interns had observed a beautiful auditorium with good numbers of facilities. It helps the students as well as teachers to do their work properly. One thing that felt good to observed by the interns was that they had prepared their different dance programmes in the songs of different language like Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi etc. It visualised the statement “unity among diversity”. Through this observation interns felt presence of unity among the diverse religions of the India. It was very appreciable to the school authority for giving equal importance to all the religions of the society. In that school principal said that they did not want to working with the Kanyaka Foundation as they had been working with another NGO from august 2016. While visiting the J.B Model School interns felt quite welcoming behaviour from the school authority. Though principal of the school was firstly accepted the programme but when the owner had rejected it. He did not raise his voiced against the owner. Here, interns observed the dominate nature of the school owner. In the next school where the interns visited was C.B Public School. In that school principal had asked the interns to visit latter because they have to inform their higher authority before taking any decision of the school. After that school interns had reached to the Nav Bharat Public School. Here, the interns felt happy to know about the spreading of knowledge about Kanyaka Foundation among the different authority of the schools. The principal of the school had already aware about the whole programmes and information related to the foundation. Though the principal was busy with his work but he himself take the broacher and questioner from the interns. It visualised the interest of the principal on the programmes of Kanyaka Foundation. The last school that was visited by the interns was A.V Public School where the interns did not met with the school’s principal as he was absent in the school. Here the interns observed two different institutes present in the same building that were the private primary school and one ITI Academy. It is happy to see that all were busy with their own activity but it is also a fact that students of the ITI were elder than the primary students and they were basically dealt with machines which can made a noisy environment and disturb the students of the primary school. During this school visit interns observed irresponsibility of the parents on the education of their children which was visualised through a conversation between a woman and the interns. The woman did not aware about the name of the school where her children has pursuing their studies. Through the entire school visit the interns got to learned that age does not matter to taking some big responsibility if the people have the zeal to achieve something. It was learned from the young lady principal of the Jain BalVidyalaya.


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