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Education Is The Greatest Property And Innate Power Of Human Being

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

On the fourth day of fieldwork, the interns moved towards Bhajanpura area (New Delhi) where they visited 8 budget private schools. Firstly the interns had visited the Ostel Public School where they observed a good cooperative nature of the school authority. They beautifully talked with the interns in the absent of their principle. They had invited the interns on next Tuesday. After that school, social work interns reached at Shri Hari Play School where they asked to come at 8.30 am of the next morning. Here, social work interns observed the lack of punctuality of the school authority. Thirdly, interns had visited the B.A.V. Convent Public School where interns enjoyed a positive support from the school authority. It was observed that there were many quotes which were hanging on the wall of the school which helps the students for their development. The main focus of the school is to make students aware of the fact that “education is the greatest property and innate power of a human being”. Interns had observed many prizes which were decorated in the principal office. It visualised the activeness of the students in every activities of the school. It was also observed that the school has influenced by many political parties. There were many political posters that have paste on the walls of the school.


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