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Because Of No Money, Bhaiya!

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

On the very first day of the fieldwork, 3 interns among the 6, visited Vidya Deep Public School. After a short interaction with the Principal, they got the opportunity to visit their classrooms. They went to the 6th standard room and started with a brief introduction from the students. The interns asked them a very simple question that, why the number of girls in the classroom is always less than the boys? A fellow stood up and said that people don’t have money to send their daughters to school. This statement depicts a hidden reality of our society.

Why does this boy feel that people don’t have money to send their daughter to school? Is it really possible, that a family don’t have money to educate their daughter? This is a complicated statement which either means that people do not have money or they don’t want to spend money on their girl’s education To some extent, it can be surely accepted that if a poor family with only a single girl child and they don’t have enough money to send her to school. Another case could be, if a family with two children, a girl and a boy, and they can afford education for only one, they chose to educate their boy.. Here the lightening question is, why they for the boy and not for their girl child? Because without education, a man can obviously lead a comfortable life with minimum amount of earning. He can manage anything to tackle their life. But this is not at all possible for women without education. Different people have different perspectives regarding the education of girl child. It is often seen that maximum people think that spending money on educating the girl is just waste of money.

In spite of making the girls educated, they will be married to another house, where they will be made to stay within the four walls of the house and are engaged in household activities. From these perspectives, it is obvious that the mentality of people can be clearly read by the 6th standard boy. He might have experienced it too in his life. So he was quite confident in expressing his feeling that the people have don’t have money to educate their daughter.


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