The pandemic and the resultant lockdown has severely impacted every element of our lives. For some children, for whom the school is the only source of a decent mid-day meal and sanitary products, this pandemic has been snatched away from them. Let alone the impact of it on girls – restriction on movement, increase in alcoholism, especially among older men, at home, increase in a number of early marriages, child trafficking, reluctance or lack of resources to spend on menstrual products, and poor to no access to education will certainly push girls from rural areas towards the bottom of the pyramid. And in this scenario, will the mental health status of the adolescents from such areas be considered? Well, this particular question is one of the biggest reasons for Kanyaka to design a holistic intervention to cater to the dire needs of the girls from this area.


Your kind support will provide our girls with monthly menstrual product supply, online mental health counselling, and direct mentoring and coaching. Your contributions will directly support 1000 girls from Beed district, one of the most underserved in the state of Maharashtra. It will allow them to continue their education.

We are committed to making a difference. Your contribution will only bring us a step closer to our goal to help adolescent girls.

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You can choose from one of these Sponsorship plans, and if you wish you can get in touch with the girls to coach and mentor them. 


The cost mentioned here includes one year costs for education for the girls. 


You can also choose to donate any arbitrary amount to the girls. Any amount donated will help make their lives better and help us get one step closer to our vision and mission

Payment Modes for Donations

Bank Transfer Details

Beneficiary Name: Kanyaka SEVABHAVI SANSTHA (Kanyaka Foundation)

Bank Name: Maharashtra Bank

Account Number: 60304289228 

Account Type: Current

IFSC Code: MAHB0000121