Our Covid-19 Relief Work

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The COVID-19 pandemic that caused a massive upheaval in human life at an unprecedented scale brought many challenges to our operations.

However, as measures to fight against the epidemic- Kanyaka extended it’s support to local authorities by providing personal hygiene and self-care kits to women and adolescent girls in Marathwada, rural Maharashtra. 


Below is the secondary data received from the local government of Beed district. 

  • More than 40,000 migrated individuals returned to their native place. 

  • 28,000+ families quarantined, of which 35% were women and girls. 

  • These families from the low income rural population of India were faced by a deep financial crisis and were struggling to meet their daily survival needs.


With the help of Udaykal Foundation, Pune.  We supported 200 low income rural families with dray ration.  We supported 574 females and 665 male candidates of those families with dray ration from remote areas of Beed district, Maharashtra. 


Also, considering hygiene is a major concern, we helped 500 girls and women with sanitary products. The support we received from Missameal Trust, Ahmedabad.