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About Us

‘Kanyaka’ which means an educated girl, stands as the name of the foundation to empower, educate, and liberate adolescent girls. The not-for-profit organization was established in the year 2014 under the society registration act 1960. The organization has been working since 2014 towards the upliftment of the marginalized communities and migrants. The organization has been established by professional social workers with the aim to educate every girl child and prepare them to eradicate poverty. 


Our Values


Gender Equality and Multiplicity

Being an organization promoting Gender education, we incorporate the same in our work culture. We aim to make our work stand for and respect gender and diversity issues



Being an organization promoting Gender education, we incorporate the same in our work culture. We aim to make our work stand for and respect gender and diversity issues


Collaborative Decision Making

We are largely a flat organization with everyone accountable to each other. We are a group of people working on a common mission. We freely exchange information and decide on common grounds the best for our vision.



Now that your eyes are open, make the su

The journey of the Kanyaka Foundation started in the year 2014, a group of passionate individuals decided to bring about social change in Marathwada, Maharashtra. In the Indian context, we always see the change maker and the influencer belongs to the marginalized section. 


A group of residents of Marathwada since early childhood saw hardships, their parents were working in the sugar cane farmland in Maharashtra.  They always saw the difficulties faced by different genders, especially girls and women. Rural India has different demography, culture, and tradition. One of the customs which was followed is child marriage, teenage pregnancy leading to the deterioration of the heath of the baby and the mother. 


Marathwada is also known for farmer suicide in Maharashtra, girls are considered and burned, and it is also believed that young girls are not safe at home because most of the time their both parents are working in the field during the seasonal migration. The team members decide on an intervention to bring about a gradual social change in his own community through the instrument of education. 


In 2016, Kanyaka partnered with Nirman Foundation and organized clubs that continued to bring an atmosphere of gender equality where girls and boys came from a different household where activities were designed where both the genders equally participated. The objective was to break gender hostility. Children were encouraged to write stories. The intervention was started with two schools, in the beginning, a holistic approach was adopted like a water-related issue, alcoholism, domestic violence it was creating awareness as well as involving the girls to talk about different issues existing in the society. 


In 2017, a scholarship program was announced for two government schools for 25 girls. 


In 2018, The research was conducted where the findings were the girls and their family was apprehensive to pursue education because they were facing acute poverty, there were also security issues involved in the village.  The team motivated and encouraged them to study further and help their family.  


2019-2020, The journey was started with 10 girls and the objective is to take it forward with 1000 girls in the coming year and gradually to 5000 girls in the next three years.  


Meet The Team


Shivaji Chinchkar

Team Member

Shivaji is a Educational Practitioner with experience of five years working with schools in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi. He was a Gandhi Fellow working on School Leadership Development with the Govt. schools in Gujarat, he has also worked with Nandi Foundation as an education facilitators in Mumbai. Also, Shiva has experience of working with International Organisation (STIR Education) which facilitate teachers to become change agent by interevening them with the growth mindset theory. He worked at all levels of primary education, from grassroots to policy level. His interests lies in promoting girl child education through research based interventions. 

Our Partners


Catalytic Corps, Delhi

Missameal Trust, Ahmedabad